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Currently, we have opened our most viewed ads spaces for all. These ads spaces have high CTR (click through rate) and most impression accross the site. These ad space sizes are completely capable to illustrate advertisers thought. And for information, we only allow JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF etc file type as our ads and file size up to 30K.


For our advertisers convenience, we split our each ad space into 3 slots. If any advertiser is up for 3 months in a row for a single slot or all 3 slots for a month; we have a promotional offer for them. Our ad sizes are given below:

1. Large Leader Board (970x90) px

2. Leader Board (728x90) px

3. Top Right Banner (250x90) px

4. Wide Skyscraper 160x600) px

5. Large Rectangle (360x280) px


As the "Specification page" is most visited page on, you can click here to take a look on such page and have an idea about the shapes & size of our offered advertising portion. 

If you do not have any website of your own, we can arrange a individual page for your product promotion linked to your advertisement section. Isn't that an amazing offer?

We have both Desktop and Mobile version of our site which helps better to reach your targeted traffic. For our Mobile version we offer 2 ad spaces for our advertisers. Details have given below:

1. Mobile Banner (320x100) px

2.Medium Rectangle box (300x250) px



And if you are up for more Ad size/slots availability, price or more options like including your phone brand to our site, please contact us detailing your requirements. We can assure the best uses of the money you invest on advertising.


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