Teletalk introducing 3G network in Bangladesh.

December 9, 2012
Teletalk introducing 3G network in Bangladesh.


Gearing up for the test launch of third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunications technology, Teletalk is witnessing a boost in its user base as the D-day zooms in. Around 50,000 users are being added to Teletalk every month, the state-owned telecom operator's managing director Mujibur Rahman said. As the date with the trial run inches closer, Mujibur said the plan is to get the user base to 3 million by February. Teletalk at present has about 1.25 million users. But not every new subscriber can avail of the 3G service, as Mujibur said only 1.7 million subscribers would get to use the technology. Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) had earlier announced that Teletalk would get to do a six-month trial run of 3G. Mujibur said the 3G service would be given out through different packages when the company reaches the 3-million user mark. Telecommunications minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju said in September about the government's decision to give Teletalk the 3G test run. Post-test run, the 3G spectrum would be auctioned in June next year, the BTRC announced on Thursday. Teletalk will have to pay the amount called by the highest bidder to get the licence if the state-owned operator wants to continue its 3G service after the auction. The company, though, will not be required to take part in the auction. Mujibur said the test run service will primarily be limited to big cities and that Teletalk has already completed network panning for 3G. He said 2,500 base transceiver stations are being put up across the country, in addition to the existing 1,730 stations. Of these, 700 base transceiver stations, or cell sites, are especially designed for 3G and 500 transmission receivers equipment are being placed, Mujibur said. Separate 3G sim cards would be issued to subscribers for the service. The third generation mobile technology is touted to make mobile telephony much more efficient, with high-speed data transfer affording users to watch mobile TV, make video calls, use navigation equipment and access many other services.

Besides Teletalk, Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Citycell and Airtel are the other telecom operators in the country with over 80 million subscribers.

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