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Square, the producer of a tiny credit card reader, may soon get a massive cash infusion. The mobile payments startup is reportedly set to raise $200 million, which would give the company an implied valuation of $3.25 billion, Dealbook's Evelyn Russli reported Tuesday, citing sources briefed on the..
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Here is a small but nifty update to Google’s search interface on tablets (both iOS and Android): just search for [weather] and a new tablet-optimized weather widget will show you the current weather at your location (or anywhere else if you add a city’s name or ZIP code to your search),..
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PayPal just announced that it has acquired, a company that allows developers to capture credit card information by using a smartphone’s built-in camera. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. As we reported earlier this year, PayPal’s PayPal Here feature is..
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It also appears many account holders who click on the links have lied about their personal details. A security expert has said some of the profiles appeared to be "fakes" run by computer programs to spread spam. Facebook said it had "not seen evidence of a significant problem". "Likes" are highl..
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Nielsen released another of their periodic looks at the U.S. smartphone market today, and aside from the revelation that two-thirds of U.S. phone purchasers went for smartphones in Q2 2012, the results are as you’d expect.   Android still leads the pack in terms of pure penetration &mdas..
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Whether comets or asteroids were the source of Earth's water has long been the subject of debate. Now an analysis of the composition of meteorites suggests the water did not originate in the outer solar system, a finding that favours asteroids as the vehicle for its arrival. Both asteroids and com..
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A good-looking robot is seriously hard to find. Robots can be pretty, some even handsome, but as soon as they get too realistic they start to creep us out. A new system for helping robots to generate more realistic expressions might go some way to help. Many years ago, roboticists realised that as..
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Smart software could detect online bullying via a database system that can identify even the subtlest of abusive comments "I have been bullied my entire life. About how I look like a whale and how im not pretty enough. I cant get boyfriends because i refuse to have sex until I am married. I just d..
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In the internet age, it is the ultimate snub. So why do people unfriend each other? Obviously, what people post can strain their online relationships, but not having a mutual female friend is much more likely to lead to the ties being severed. The word "unfriending" entered common vocabulary only ..
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Madonna is using Twitter and Facebook to sell her new record, showing social networking's power as a marketing tool. Today, Madonna released "MDNA", her new album, kicking off a splashy marketing strategy that hinges on the social networks. Madonna will tweet tonight for the first time, answering q..
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Assassin's Creed 3 will be set during the American Revolution. We've known this for several weeks now. But there are plenty of implications that go along with that information. For example: what sorts of major changes does the franchise need to undergo to adapt to this new time period, this new set..
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While car companies and others have pegged voice commands as the answer to multitasking while driving, some research shows that being distracted mentally can be just as dangerous as taking your eyes off the road — a finding that's led the National Transportation Safety Board to recommend a ba..
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What piece of consumer electronics took root in American households faster than any other? According to a Journal of Management and Marketing Research paper The Atlantic dug up, the boombox wins. After seven years on the market over 60 percent of American homes had a boombox, with the CD player and ..
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AT&T introduced the Motorola P793 Back-Up Battery Charger, a portable back-up battery charger from Motorola.  The Back-up Battery Charger is compatible with all USB devices by major manufacturers and is the first Motorola Mobility power product built using 25 percent post-consumer recycled..
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They're not center-stage right now, but Android tablets are still predicted to overtake the iPad within the next three years, according to IDC. The forecasters noted that Apple's worldwide share of the tablet market is shrinking with each new lower-priced Android competitor. Even as iPad sales conti..
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